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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 1 July 2002 at 23:56 [Link]

Last of the bandwidth problems
Once again, the site was down yesterday. That should be the last of the downtimes. Since we just started a new month, my bandwidth was resetted to zero. I used last month to see how things would be going. Starting from now, I'll just pay extra for whatever bandwidth would be needed, so there shouldn't be anymore downtimes (hopefully). As a reason, I've put back online the Music Archive and the FanArt. I suspect that these two, along with the message board, are responsible for most of the bandwidth consumed.

Oekaki board
Yes, it's coming soon. Stop asking :-P

Note to newcomers
Some people have been e-mailing me asking why a particular section wasn't working. It seems that those people don't know when went through here recently, so please let me explain. All of the sections you see on the left menu USED to be available. Unfortunately, in a total system crash that happened a couple of weeks ago, all data on this server was LOST. I'm still working on rebuilding all sections, thus being the reason why it's not available.


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