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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 August 2002 at 21:25

I thought I would put a couple of news on. For those who might be wondering, most of my time lately went on the creation of the new Oekaki board and on some personal projects. Now, here are the latest, major happenings for the Blue Bomber.

Release dates fun
As usual, the release dates have been updated with delays from Capcom. Mega Man X5 PC, among other titles, was supposed to come out in July but was delayed to the August 7.

Rockman anime
To the opposite of what everyone believed, there indeed was a Rockman anime made several years ago. While it was made in 1993 and 1994, it was never aired anywhere. There were 3 episodes of 30 minutes each made.

Now, for the 15th Anniversary of Rockman in Japan, Capcom Japan is making a limited DVD release of this anime. Starting September 20, people in Japan will be able to get the disk either from E-Capcom (Capcom of Japan online store), or at the various Tokyo Game Shows.

You can download a preview movie of the anime on this page, as well as see a few pictures and a description (note: Japanese page).

Mega Man T-Shirts!
Now is the time to show Capcom they can sell Mega Man merchandise in North America! You can get an XL-sized shirt with Mega Man X and Zero from this page on Capcom's site.

Rockboard translation
NO, it's not dead! Please stop asking. :-P

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