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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 11 March 2003 at 16:45 [Link]

*pokes server* Seems to hold itself together... This site has been up and down for the last two weeks, and you might wonder what the heck happened. If that's the case, then keep on reading. If not, then you can just move on. However, don't start e-mailing me if you haven't read this post.

Here's a recap of everything that happened since last month. This should help you understand what went wrong.

February 21: My host runs a regular check on their servers. A SMART check for the hard drive says that it is in imminent failure (an estimated life of 33 days is given). They begin to prepare a server move before everything crashes.
February 23: The MySQL issues begin here, to last for about a week. This causes the message board, the oekaki and the news system (among others) to go down with either a "cannot connect" or "too many connections" error message.
March 2: After some failed attemps to lower MySQL usage (like removing the news script), my host decides to suspend my site due to overusage.
March 4: After two days of discussion, I manage to have them bring back online.
March 5: In order to avoid a crash, the server goes down to get it's hard drive change. In the process, my host restores a previous data backup. Since my site was suspended during that time, it gets suspended again (since it was restored from backup).
March 8: After some e-mail exchanges, I get my host to understand the above issue due to backup restoration. My site gets unsuspended.
March 9: It appears that the hardware problems weren't limited to the hard drive: they affect the whole server. My host then starts an emergency plan to move all sites to a different server. The server stats crashing every few hours due to those problems.
March 10: During the night, my host proceeds to move all sites (including this one, of course). However, the server fails completely, thus resulting in a DATA CRASH. 95% of the files on this site are lost.
March 11: I begin to restore the content of It will take several days, if not a few weeks to get everything back on. Unlike last year though, I have near-complete backups (yes, I have all of the oekaki pictures), so the global downtime should be minimal.

Due to all of this, most sections are dead, and need fixing. Please don't start sending me e-mails asking "when is this section gonna be back online?", because I don't know! Also, there has been a period last week where e-mails couldn't get on the server. If you sent me an e-mail AND it bounced back, please send it again.


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