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A major change
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 31 March 2005 at 23:00

Greetings visitors of the Mega Man PC website.

It's possible you might already know who I am, but it's quite alright if you don't yet. You'll get to know who I am well enough in the upcoming future. As of today, I am the new owner of this website and it's content. It occured to me that with this website's growing popularity, that only a man of greatness can lead it in the proper direction. Who else, besides me, could possibly fill this role? I am a spectacular specimen examplifying all the qualities of greatness; there is no other who can even claim to rival me.

The previous owner of the website, Dr. Cossack, has been exiled; his accounts in all the respective subsections have been banned. There is only room for one of us now that this is my website. Embrace the changes, valued visitors, for this website is upon it's golden age!


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