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Oekaki drawing contest starting now!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 30 April 2005 at 23:30

While it has been around as a draft for a long time, it's now time to start this new step for the oekaki board: beginning now, a drawing contest is officially opened on the oekaki board! Co-created by Breakman and yours truly, this contest is attached directly on the oekaki board so you need to be registered there in order to enter. Once you are registered (and logged in, of course), visit the contest area to get all of the details about the rules and prizes. Wait, did I mention prizes? That's right! The competition features models kits and Battle Network import merchandise for the top three winners!

The contest will run for a month, starting now and ending at the end of May 31st. The main judging criterias are about creativity and the general quality of the art. The judges themselves are still being selected: the list will be known before the end of the contest. For more details, see the main information pages.

I would like to use the occasion to thank Breakman for her support and help during the preparations. This thing would probably still be in draft form otherwise!

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