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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 8 November 2007 at 21:27 [Link]

... the Data Graveyard! This latest entry in the "Dr. Cossack presents" series features an archive (or graveyard) of old information that vanished from the Internet long ago. This allows you to consult sources that might have been lost forever otherwise, or to get your hands on rare downloads that have become difficult to find. As a beginning, the three subsections below are available to you:

  • Carddas Rockman.EXE archive: back in 2002-2004, the Japanese card-making company Carddas released in Japan only a card game based on the Rockman.EXE series. Shortly after producing the last cards, the reference pages were removed from the company's website. This is an archive of that website, taken just before it was deleted.
  • Mega Man TCG: The Mega Man Trading Card Game was released by Decipher in North America a few years ago. The website dedicated to that content evolved quite a bit over time, to the point that many files were lost. I've compiled most of these and listed them on a single download page.
  • Mega Man 5 for PC demo: Yes, you read that right: I'm putting back online this old thing. Even after all these years (I removed this content in 2002), I'm still getting requests for the game. As such, I've made the Demo 1a download available once again. I'm still trying to locate the superior yet incomplete Demo 2 among my files.
This section will grow slowly over time, as I find new content worthy of showing up there. If you have any requests, feel free to ask: maybe I have something for you in my personal archives.


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