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Rockboard translation: COMPLETE!
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 1 January 2008 at 0:51 [Link]

Rockboard title screen

I'm happy to announce that the Wily & Light's Rockboard: That's Paradise!! translation project is now COMPLETE! After years of work, you can now download a translation patch to fully translate this Japanese-only game into English. The teaser posted a week ago is none other than a building seen in the background of the third level of the game, Hot Zone. I'll fully admit that the work on this has taken a lot longer than originally planned. The nature of the game (which has a lot of random), a mix of various school schedules, a few changes of job and more have complicated things more than I could have imagined. However, there's one thing that remained constant through the years: I said that I would complete this no matter what, and here it is at last! This marks the end of this project. A few updates might be done in the future to improve a few sentences and correct missing lines (if any), but the game is now fully playable without any external help. As I've mentionned in the past, two versions of the patch are actually available. One is a basic translation from Japanese to English, which keeps the Japanese names (Rockman and friends) intact. The second one is a localization, taking everything under the Mega Man umbrella through a set of name changes. Both files are within the same archive and can be downloaded together. This project couldn't have been completed without the help of several people:

  • Servbot #20 helped all through the process to figure out who things work
  • Guillermo provided most of the early text translations
  • Elaine translated most of the in-game text

With that said, you'll find new screenshots of the translation, along with a download link and the instructions on how to use the patch, in the Rockboard translation section. Enjoy!!


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