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Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Original Series, by Dr. Cossack on 12 September 2003 at 20:11

I haven't done much news reports about the game releases lately, but this one is worth your attention: Capcom announced today the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. It looks like the wishes of many fans toward the 15th Anniversary of the blue bomber have been answered. This compilation, which will be available for both Nintendo GameCube and Sony Playstation 2, will feature Mega Man 1 to 8 (from the NES, SNES and PSX) and both Mega Man: Power Battles and Power Fighters (the two rare arcade games)!! There will be unlockable bonuses as well, such as anime sequences, interviews, history and more. You can read the original press release here.

Here's the best point of this big story: this upcoming release has been announced by Capcom of USA, and will be available in North America in February 2004! Rejoice people!

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