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Mega Man Double Pack announced
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 11 August 2011 at 21:34

It has surfaced this week that Capcom will be releasing the Mega Man Double Pack in North America a few short weeks. This low-cost package will include both Mega Man: Powered Up! and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for the Playstation Portable. Both games can still be found in several stores, although not for the low price of this pack.

We can expect to see it up for sale on September 5.

Sources: The Mega Man Network, Capcom-Unity

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This is supposed to help Capcom... how, again?

My guess is that they still had a stockpile of discs for the two games somewhere, and they decided to get rid of them before the Vita hits next year. Alternatively, maybe they simply wanted to throw us a bone, since such a package is easy to get in stores without much effort.

What I find more interesting is that the last Mega Man release in North America was the Zero Collection, which means that we'll get two compilations in a row. More often than not, active game franchises will see the release a brand new title close to a compilation so that the two can promote each other.

Nayus Dante
So was this ever actually released? I see the Amazon page has one used listing, which I'm guessing is a JP import.

It did, yes, although it was a pretty limited release overall. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it might have been a Gamestop exclusive in the US. It didn't even reach Canada, which rarely happens with videogames, so it's not surprising if it flew under your radar.

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