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Thirteenth anniversary!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 6 May 2013 at 10:54

Once again it's time to celebrate, as the Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack's Lab is 13 years old!

With the Mega Man franchise now entering it's 25th anniversary, Capcom officially released the fan-made Street Fighter x Mega Man last December. More surprises are said to be in store until the end of this year. While the series has unfortunately seen it's third major cancellation in three years, with the Korean-only Rockman Online getting the axe, there have been plenty of downloadable re-releases to keep players busy on new systems.

As local news go, the big project I've been alluding to in the past few years has seen a quiet launch last month in the forums. A formal announcement will be made here once it has matured a bit!

Thanks for being around for all these years! :-)

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