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Refreshed look for the Battle Network pages
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 8 April 2023 at 15:35

With the upcoming release of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, featuring all the mainline Battle Network titles, I've taken the opportunity to refresh the appearance of their information pages. One of the main attractions of this site today are the maps for the series, as the games often have maze-like layouts. No new information is added today, but the pages now have a clearer display and links that are easier to hit. This will be especially useful to those hoping to use their phones or tablets to browse the maps as they play through the series, maybe for the first time!

I also revised the Battle Network 6 page to clarify the status of the areas. Some were cut from the international releases back in the day, but they are expected to be restored in the collection. They are identified as such.

Happy battling!

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