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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 3 October 2000 at 0:00 [Link]

WHAAAAA, nearly 1 month without updates!? Sorry people, I'm just busy :-) I'll get a new computer this week, so I have to move all my files from my old one... Arrgh, I hate to do that! Anyway, I'm updating ok? Today, I corrected some errors in the Updates page (yeah, right here!). I also got a great idea (at least I think): is anyone interested to see a completely new message board, looking like the one of Capcom, so everyone can discuss easily??? If it seems good to you, or bad, please e-mail me at I know that only a few people will do it, so why not taking 2 minutes and tell me what you think of it? Thank you everyone who will write!


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