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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 30 January 2001 at 23:00

After all that waiting time, the Mega Man PC Website revamp is now done! From now on, you can expect more updates. Here's the list of what's new!

  1. First of all, I converted all pages to PHP. What does this means? I'll be able to update more quickly. For example, do you see that little copyright notice at the bottom of each page? Well, now it's stored in ONE file, so if I want to change it, I just need to modify a single file, and it will change all over the website! I did the same for the sub-menus.
  2. I installed the NewsPro script for the Updates page (the one you are reading right now). This means that I'll now be able to post news even from school, so expect a lot more updates!
  3. In case you didn't notice yet, I put the background darker, so the text is easier to read. The left menu was also modified.
  4. The Release dates page, awfully outdated, is now all good all clear!
  5. NEW! A Reviews section! For now, the only review is about SuperAdventure Rockman, but I plan to add more games very soon!
  6. NEW! A Music section! You can download here a bunch of cool MP3s, including some files never seen on the Internet before! Those were recorded by yours truly :-)
  7. I changed the old poll for 2 new ones about Mega Man PC, go to vote now!
  8. NEW! The old Message Board (lord I hated it) was changed to a brand new one, using the same software as Capcom BBS. Now we can have some serious discussions! That new Message Board is shared between my website and the Megaman Outpost.
  9. NEW! On the Contact page, I added a form to send me messages directly, instead of using e-mail.
  10. Mega Man 5 for PC is not ready yet, as I spent a LOT of time doing the website revamp, but I added some screenshots from the upcoming Demo 2! They are a must see!
  11. NEW! I added an affiliate section at the bottom of the left menu. If you mailed me about affilating and I said No on the past, mail me again and I'll add you! I'll not allow a lot of affiliates, so be sure to grab a place soon!
  12. The Mega Man PC Website is now part of the network.
  13. There's just too much to say here, take the time to visit each section one by one to see all of what I did!
  14. In case you care, I also changed my complete domain! Go there now!

You really read all of this? Congratulations, you are great! Now, what are you waiting for? Visit each section to see what's new everywhere!

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