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February 2005

Chatroom issues
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 27 February 2005 at 2:25 [Link]

The server hosting the chatroom is being changed for a new one. While the chat applet will bring you to the new server automatically, users who manually connect might stumble on the old place instead. If that's the case, enter /server in order to join the new server. This will all be settled in a few days at most, and the connection info for the channel won't change at all.

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PC games list update
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 9 February 2005 at 0:01 [Link]

The PC games section received a decent update today with the addition of Mega Man X8 to the list, as well as some extra information on the PC releases of Mega Man X4 and X6.

Thanks to HJ and Mikey Dragon for some of the information!

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