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March 2002

Reconstruction Day 2
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 29 March 2002 at 1:43

So far so good! I've re-added the left menu, even if almost no links are clickable. This will allow you to know what exactly I'm working on. Currently, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on, mainly the work on a new layout (what you see now is my current test for the new design). Once I'm done creating a new layout, I'll begin to convert the sections one by one. I'll keep you posted about this.

Don't forget, if you have any of the former Oekaki pics, make a zip file with that and send them over to!

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Restoration Process Begins!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 28 March 2002 at 1:52

After several days of downtime, I finally managed to put the MMPC Website back online! (well, partially at least)

What happened: On the Sunday 24 March 2002, at 12:57, the serveur hosting my website crashed. While it is unknown at this point what exactly caused the problem, the keywords are: "Complete System Failure". Both the hard drives and the backups drives crashed, loosing all data stored on them.

What does this means: Simple - the website went down the drain. All files on the server were lost. I have almost all of the static files on my computer (HTML, etc), but the data created by interactive scripts was lost (Message Board, Oekaki, MegaCards, News, etc). While I can recreate all scripts, it will be like starting anew, with no data.

Instead of simply reuploading everything at once, I'll reupload the sections one by one, to fix any possible errors and update the information (some sections were awfully updated). You'll be able to follow my progress on this operation by the left menu (when I add it).

Now, I have to ask you for some help. A lot of valuable data was lost, including the Oekaki pics. I'm pretty sure that several of you saved some of the pictures on their harddrives. I would be most grateful to you if you could make a zip file with all the pics you have and to send them at I still have the comments for all pictures and the scripts, so only the pics are missing to recreate the board.

My regular contact address remains If you sent me an e-mail in the past few days, I'll answer it on either Thursday or Friday.

Note: this design is in no way final, of course. Consider this as a test ;-) More to come later!

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Oekaki down.
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 22 March 2002 at 23:00

The Oekaki went down already. Damn lamers. More on this later.

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Oekaki back online!!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 21 March 2002 at 23:00

The Oekaki is back!
I finally went around to put the Oekaki board back online for everyone's enjoyment. Full details are with picture #2748. Have fun!

Current status
First of all, my apologies for the lack of news, updates and communication lately. This semester at school keeps me a lot busier than previous semesters, and it unfortunately cuts off more of my free time. As a result, I have to keep delaying everything. This means that, for the next two months, expect me to take a bit longuer than usual to do everything.

I was planning to do a major site update, but it appears that I won't be able to complete such a thing before next year at least (I'm kidding here), so I'll do everything section by section (several of them are very outdated). I have also been doing some behind-the-scenes work for a while. First proof of this: the Oekaki board being back online.

I'll be using the next few days to go through the fan art, affiliation requets and e-mails that I received.

Again, sorry about this, and many thanks for sticking around anyway :-)

(More updates coming this weekend. Stay tuned!)

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Backlog of news
Misc Mega Man, by Dr. Cossack on 3 March 2002 at 23:00

Busy, busy, busy...

EXE Anime is on
The new Rockman EXE Anime was first aired some hours ago in Japan. There is still no news about an American translation, but I don't see that coming too soon. The Megaman Outpost gives this link to a preview of the anime. While the animation seems limited at best, I blame that on the RealMovie format. More as it becomes available.

MMBN2 release: when?
Pick your choice.
Capcom of America: Spring 2002
EBGames: May 1st, 2002
GameFAQs: May 2, 2002
GameStop: June 25, 2002
BuyRite: June 2002
IGNPocket: Summer 2002

I don't even try to understand this mess anymore.

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