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June 2002

Music Archive OFFLINE
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 27 June 2002 at 23:45

In order to make sure we won't run out of bandwidth again before the end of the month, I temporarily removed the Music section. The files were NOT deleted, they simply... vanished until July 1st. Everything will be back online after that. All e-mails related to the music section being not working will be ignored.

There is a slight chance that the whole site might be going offline again during the last day of the month. I'll make my best to ensure that this doesn't happen again starting by next month.

EDIT: FanArt was killed too. Only two days to go like this... I won't remove sections after that.

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Animated menu is back!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 26 June 2002 at 0:52

People who are bored and everyone else will be happy to know to know that I've just readded the animated mets in the left menu! It's the same effect as before: put your mouse cursor over a menu item, and the corresponding met will pop up it's head. Have fun! ;-)

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Bandwidth problems
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 June 2002 at 0:31

If you tried to come here during the last 36 hours, you'll have noticed that it wasn't quite working. Instead, you were getting that very pretty and descriptive error message (Ok, enough sarcasm for now). The problem is that I ran out of bandwidth for this month. As soon as I hit that limit, the whole site goes offline and I have to pay extra fees to get additional bandwidth. Unfortunately, with popularity comes problems, and that is a big one. I hope we will be able to get through this month without any more problems, but if I see that we're getting dangerously close to the limit, I'll have to shut down a section or two for a couple of days.

If you happen to have any ideas about how to avoid those problems without closing any sections of the site, please let me know. Thanks.

P.S.: For those who do not know, bandwidth represents the amount of data that can be transfered from this site every month.

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Release dates... again
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 23 June 2002 at 0:45

MMBN2 is out. Really.
Several visitors were kind enough to confirm to me that Mega Man Battle Network 2 indeed came out last week. I waited to write this because I wanted to find my own copy first. Is it normal that only one store in my area had the game, that they got it this morning (a week and a half after the release!), and that they had only TWO copies? Any other RPG would have been available in a matter of 2-3 days...

Release dates fun
As you can see at the right, I've updated the release dates for all upcoming Rockman and Mega Man titles. MMX5 PC has been pushed off to the July 2, and Rockman & Forte GBA is supposedly coming out on the August 11 in Japan. Still no word about a North America release here.

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Site updates
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 11 June 2002 at 16:35

The SuperAdventure Rockman Info page has been updated with corrections and some new info provided by myself and Joel Achiel N. Van Heugten. The e-mail form has also been updated. It's now running a new script written by myself.

On a side note, today is the official release of MMBN2 in North America. Capcom has yet to make a press release about it, but that's understandable with the current site updates being done over there.

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FanArt Archive back online!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 8 June 2002 at 1:33

And another section gets restored! The new FanArt Archive took a while to restore because I've rewritten it completely: it's now database-driven to simplify updates and viewing. I know that not everything has been re-added (Khragoon's sprites are missing), but I should be doing that soon. I'll not make any more additions to that section until I complete the administrative side of the script. I also want to add a couple of features to the gallery. I'll give the other details when I'm done. Feel free to take a look; I'm pleased with the current result, even if it's incomplete.

This is the first part to make some other sections of the site to be database-driven. For example, the Links section will be modified to run with the same system. This might take a while, though. More to come...

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MMBN2 out...?
Battle Network Series, by Dr. Cossack on 7 June 2002 at 16:42

Message Board regular PharaohMan.EXE claims that his local Gamestop already has Mega Man Battle Network 2 in stores, and that he already grabed his copy. Most online stores (including are still giving June 11 as the release date, so the game being available 4 days ealier sure is strange. I wasn't able to confirm this information yet, but it sounds plausible. Anyone can confirm this to me?

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New game on the way!
Original Series, by Dr. Cossack on 6 June 2002 at 2:36

Believe it or not... Rockman & Forte is on it's way for the GBA, thus granting the wishes of several fans. Only the name of the game is available for now, on this page over at Capcom Japan. Rockman EXE 3 is also listed there. No other details are known yet.

For those who aren't aware of this yet, the original Rockman & Forte for the SFC/SNES came out in Japan in 1998. The SNES was already dead in North America, so the game wasn't released here. This new GBA port, while unconfirmed for a North American release, is much more likely to be ported here.

*points to the right* Six games or ports are on their way to either Japan or North America. SIX. Who said Mega Man wasn't popular?

News credit: MMXO

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X7 approximate release date
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 5 June 2002 at 22:54

The Magic Box has the following to say about the upcoming Rockman X7:
Capcom will release Rockman X7 for PlayStation 2 in Japan by the end of this year, this is the first time the series hit PlayStation 2. This time the game will be in full 3D, you can play as both Rockman X and Zero. A new Double System is added to the game, allowing both characters to execute their special attacks simultaneously.

Of course, the game being in early stages, that release planned before the end of the year in Japan might very well be pushed farther. No news about an american release yet­.
News credit: Rockmangames

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Mega Man X5 PC Price
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 1 June 2002 at 0:35

Rockmangames was kind enough to warn me that Mega Man X5 for the PC is going to cost 19.99$ US, according to on this page. People without a PSX or a lot of money will be able to look forward to this release.

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