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February 2001

Lack of updates...
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 26 February 2001 at 0:00 [Link]

I apologize for the lack of updates these days (these weeks maybe?), but I had a lot of work at school... In two weeks, I'll have a full week without going to College, so I'll be able to do more work of Mega Man 5 for PC and this website. I have some good ideas to improve this place!

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New affiliate, Wily Tower now playable!!!
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 12 February 2001 at 0:00 [Link]

Good things today! First, I added a new affiliate on the menu: MegaMan CyBORG's Collective.

Now, something great: Havok, from Capcom BBS, was able to do a save state to access Wily Tower, from the game Mega Man: the Wily Wars! He kindly let me put the file on my website, so get it here! To use it, unzip the file, rename the save file to match the ROM (example, if your ROM is MM-WilyWars.smd, rename to file to MM-WilyWars.gs0), then put the file on your Saves directory. Run Genecyst, open Wily Wars, hit F7, and you can play the extra levels! Enjoy!

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Misc Mega Man, posted by Dr. Cossack on 7 February 2001 at 0:00 [Link]

Did I said I would update more often? Well... Mega Man X5 is currently in stores, a lot of people in the US have already got it. Myself, living in Canada, still need to find my copy. Now, after Mega Man Legends is released (15th March 2001), and Mega Man EXE (July 2001), there's no more Mega Man games in sight... but don't worry: the beginning of a year always has some lack of new games. Everything comes at the same time at the yearly E3. We shall see...

Message board
Don't forget about the newly opened Message Board! I really want to see some posts there!

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