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September 2002

Rockman EXE goes GameCube!
Battle Network Series, by Dr. Cossack on 17 September 2002 at 22:33

I just have to post that one...

After several months of speculation, it was confirmed a couple of days ago that the Rockman EXE series will get a new title, this time for the GameCube. The current name of the game (subject to change) is Rockman EXE Transmission. A scan of an article is flying around the Internet, which you can see here. While very limited information is available at this point, one can expect the title to be in a 3D environment to follow the current gaming trend. There is no news about an north american release at this point, nor is a release date known.

News credit: Megaman Outpost

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Mega Man Zero Release
Zero Series, by Dr. Cossack on 14 September 2002 at 2:55

No, I'm not dead, just busy as usual. I still haven't fixed my Internet connection issues either...

It was confirmed a couple days ago that Mega Man Zero came out on the September 10, and should now be available at your favorite retail store. I wasn't able to check that information myself, but some details like blood have been changed for the U.S. release compared to the original. On a side note, Mega Man X5 PC indeed came out several days ago, too.

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