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September 2003

FanArt attack!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 29 September 2003 at 21:39

In what could be the largest update to the FanArt section yet, there are 32 new pictures available tonight! 13 are by newcomer ACE_Spark; 18 by anitalon, another newcomer; and one new picture by PhungDinhDzung. If you enjoy FanArt, be sure to look at all the new pictures!

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New game announced
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 25 September 2003 at 20:42

It looks like Capcom will keep announcing new Mega Man games for a while: today, GameSpot reports that a new X game is on it's way. Mega Man X Command Mission appears to be an RPG, with separate interfaces for moving/talking and battle, like so many other games of this type. The graphics appear to be very similar to X7, and this time arounnd, the game is going to come out for both the Sony Playstation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube. There's not a lot known about that new title yet, and we'll see over time how it will play exactly.

Thanks to RockmanRotties from the message board for the news!

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Release dates now accurate
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 13 September 2003 at 18:36

After leaving the release dates unattended for several months, I've entered the latest information today. Now, everything should be accurate, but since those dates can change quickly, keep in mind that delays are possible. I've made it easier for me to update the information, so I'll be keeping a close look on future announcements from Capcom to keep the information accurate.

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Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Original Series, by Dr. Cossack on 12 September 2003 at 21:11

I haven't done much news reports about the game releases lately, but this one is worth your attention: Capcom announced today the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. It looks like the wishes of many fans toward the 15th Anniversary of the blue bomber have been answered. This compilation, which will be available for both Nintendo GameCube and Sony Playstation 2, will feature Mega Man 1 to 8 (from the NES, SNES and PSX) and both Mega Man: Power Battles and Power Fighters (the two rare arcade games)!! There will be unlockable bonuses as well, such as anime sequences, interviews, history and more. You can read the original press release here.

Here's the best point of this big story: this upcoming release has been announced by Capcom of USA, and will be available in North America in February 2004! Rejoice people!

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FanArt update and extra info
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 7 September 2003 at 14:44

The FanArt archive has been updated with one new picture by Chicoboltsi. Take a look, it's an interesting composition.

Other site updates should be done in the next following days. With the bandwidth problems stabilised, I'll be able concentrate on doing actual work on the site.

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Sections back online
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 September 2003 at 14:59

Now that August is over, I've reopened the sections that were on hold. That means that the message board, oekaki board and music section are all available once again.

To prevent further bandwidth problems, I'll be blocking bandwidth leechers from linking directly to key directories. Regular visitors shouldn't notice anything, as this will only affect those who link directly to files located on this site.

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