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June 2005

More PC games info
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 20 June 2005 at 18:18

The list of available PC games received a new update. Many details have been added to Mega Man X6 and X8, along with new box art images. Additionally, a new entry has been added for Mega Man X7 which had a PC release after all. Finally, many more buying tips are available if you are searching for those games.

Many thanks to HJ and ACE_Spark for most of the new information!

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Oekaki Contest Results
Site news, by Breakman on 9 June 2005 at 23:15

The Oekaki Contest ended a week ago and now the results are in! I would
like to thank everyone who had participated. Despite what score you
got, all of the entries were great and creative. (Except a few and you
know who you are...) This contest would have been boring without you!
Now let's congratulate our top three winners:

1st Place: style="font-weight: bold;">RubyChan - "Legendary Sword Reborn"

2nd Place: style="font-weight: bold;">Rioni Riishu - "Drop Your Sword"

3rd Place: style="font-weight: bold;">HJ - "First Impressions ~ RZ4"

You three will receive an email, to the address you provided, very soon
from Doctor Cossack so you can pick your prizes.

For you others, here are the rest of the href="">results.
It was a pretty close contest...

Last but not least, I would like to thank the judges. Being a judge is
hard job, but someone has to do it. Great job you guys! I also want to
say a big thank you to Doctor Cossack for actually holding the contest.

Let's hope for another contest next year!

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Anniversary special ending
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 31 May 2005 at 23:29

We're now nearing the end of May, which means that the end of the anniversary month is facing us. I hope that everyone enjoyed the various updates that happened through the month: the oekaki drawing contest, the website history recap, the new Rockboard patch and the start of the linking campaign. If you missed any of those, you'll find them through the news archive.

Future updates
The site won't die even if the special is over, though! Some more updates are already in progress, but I won't expand on what they consist of yet. The Rockboard translation is obviously included among those, of course. As far as the other stuff goes... you'll have to be patient! New and existing sections will see additions as months go by.

End of the contest
Also coming with the end of the month is the end of the oekaki drawing contest. The drawing applets will be taken down at midnight, while the judges will begin their work. Expect the full results (as well as all the contesting pictures!) to be available within a week or so.

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