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September 2005

Still more FanArt
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 26 September 2005 at 15:49 [Link]

More FanArt is headed your way! Regulus submitted two drawings of characters from the X series, while Storm Eagle has sent in a fan-made maverick. Get the pictures here!

Anyone who would like to see his/her art displayed in the archive can contribute, too! See the guidelines in the FanArt section for more info, then contact me!

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New way to purchase X3, X5 and Legends
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 8 September 2005 at 10:42 [Link]

Jorpho recently let me know that Trygames now have the PC versions of Mega Man X3, X5 and Legends available in the purchase-and-download format! All three used to be available this way directly through Capcom's website, but the offer was removed a few years ago. Now, people interested in those games finally have a new chance to get their hands on them! I've updated the PC Games page with this latest information. Thanks, Jorpho!

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