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May 2006

Rockman X7 for PC patch
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 24 May 2006 at 22:18 [Link]

I recently found a patch file for the Korean release of Rockman X7 for PC. This is an official patch put together by KOKOCapcom, Capcom's Korean branch. If you have the game installed, maybe this file could help you fix some issues! You can find it at the bottom of the Downloads page.

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Sixth Anniversary!
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 6 May 2006 at 0:27 [Link]

Today marks the sixth anniversary of this website, the first updates being recorded on May 6, 2000. The last year has seen many new additions from fan-contributed material, especially on the Fan Art and wallpapers sections. With the recent opening of the brand new message board, the coming updates to the oekaki board and the ongoing projects such as the Rockboard translation, this place is here to stay for a long while! Wait and see, you could be surprised!

Thank you for your continued visits! This site is surrounded by a great community thanks to all of you.

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Dr. Cossack presents...
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 3 May 2006 at 16:33 [Link]

... IOBoard!

The result of several months of work is now available as the message board is back online under a new system: IOBoard! I coded my own message board script to replace the XMB, much like IOekaki replaced the older oekaki board a few years ago. The new board has several new features, and I know that many of you were waiting for it to be back online. You can read more information in this topic. Enjoy!

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