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June 2008

New Mega Man 9 Information (6/26 UPDATE)
Original Series, by Mr.Mettaur on 21 June 2008 at 0:55

(New developments....Okay, this info is for real. Seriously. No joke.)

With a legitimate screenshot of Mega Man 9 now circulating the net, we have confirmation of the game's visual style -- pure 8-bit, and true to its roots. The game looks just like the NES games!

Straight from the pages of Nintendo Power, we also have a list of the game's Robot Masters:
Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman (?!)

P.S: From the pages of Nintendo Power, we also have confirmation that the title WILL be coming to WiiWare. Be excited, folks.

I'll save my speculations for the forums. Hit the source for the screenshot.

Source: Nintendo Power (via GoNintendo)

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Mega Man 9 Is Coming!
Original Series, by Mr.Mettaur on 13 June 2008 at 13:25

Uncovered by forum-goers at NeoGAF. This morning, a new registry has surfaced on the website of The Classification Board of the Australian Government, under the title of MEGA MAN 9.

Details are scarce; the information on the registry shows that the game is scheduled to be multi-platform (XBLA/PSN release?), and the "Application" field reads "Red Ant Enterprises", a sizable company that handles Australian game publications such as the Wii Okami port and Lost Planet.

This is seeming pretty legit. Ladies, gentlemen, brace yourselves. Mega Man 9 may finally be upon us.

Source: The Classification Board and Classification Review Board

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May 2008 mini-contest: the results!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 5 June 2008 at 22:24

And we have a winner!

 #10007 - For the contest, Beat

The winning entry is this very friendly-looking Beat, drawn by none other than HollowTorment! Congratulations!

Hollow, you'll receive your prize shortly: a 20$ Gift Card! Please check your message board PM inbox: I've sent you a message there.

While we're on the topic of the mini-contest, I've created a short survey to get your opinion on this new event. It's only 4 short questions, and I'd appreciate it if you took a few seconds to fill it.

I think that, overall, this mini-contest went very well. We've seen several interesting character concepts, and the idea was popular with many people. A big THANKS goes to all those who entered, and who knows... see you next time!

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