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Rockboard translation


Current progress
Global work: 100%
Setup menus: 100% Characters names: 100%
Game dialogs: 100%(?) Game menus: 100%
Met race: 100% Cards: 100%
Misc. text: 100% Endings: 100%
Latest patch available: v1.1

100% done

Rockboard. The game. It was apparently never released in the USA since it involved gambling. The decision to not bring the game in America sounds a bit silly to me, but many other great games never had a release outside Japan either. I've tried the game and found it to be fun (hey, it's Mega Man after all!), but I was never able to enjoy it completely. Why? Because I didn't know a word of Japanese! This brings me to the point of this project. I, along with a team of volunteers, localized Rockboard in English so that a larger audience can appreciate it.

I originally started this project on November 25, 2000. It sure was a long time ago... Some people even believed that it was long dead, but it was eventually completed! After all, I always said that I would bring this to completion no matter what.

Two different patches are available: one is only a translation to keep all of the Japanese names intact (Dr. Right, Rockman, Blues, etc.), while the second patch is a localization featuring the names expected in North America (Dr. Light, Mega Man, Proto Man, etc.)

I (Dr. Cossack) did the ROM hacking. Servbot #20 assisted through the project by figuring out the different features and options of the game. Guillermo did a part of the earlier translation from Japanese to English, while Elaine took over that position some time back and took care of the bulk of the text. We're hoping that you'll be satisfied by our common efforts!

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