IOBoardIOBoard is a message board system built with the idea of being easy to use, oriented toward the member's needs and to give the moderators a great set of tools to work with. It was originally created to replace another discussion board in place that lacked some requested and needed features. IOBoard supports a wide range of options, including customizable user access rights and smilies. A special focus was put on the private messaging module to allow people to exchange messages as often as they wish to.

IOBoard is not available for download at this point, but plans are being made for an eventual release. There's no date set for that event. The only version currently installed and available for use is located here.

Quick facts

Status: Working and under development
Requires: PHP 4.1 or higher, MySQL 4.1 or higher
Availability: Not available, but planned eventually
Language: English
Created in: 2006
Last update: Continuing


IOBoard private messenger

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