IOekaki history
- Many bug fixes
- Performances improvements
- The board's look has been improved
- Long words will no longer cause the board's width to enlarge
- A flood control has been added
- The background HTML was switched from HTML Transitional 4.0 to XHTML 1.0 Strict (not 100% valid yet)
- The contest system was updated to allow several contests to happen over time
- Artists might be able to recover lost pictures due to a browser crash by visiting the applets' page
- Improved Who's Online: users will no longer be listed several times, as it happened in some cases
- Users can now delete their own posts
- Artists can edit the titles of their pictures
- Pictures titles now give you a direct link to that picture and it's comments
- Two new options in your profile: hide your e-mail address and enter your birthday
- Pictures submitted while the board is unavailable can now be recovered by the artist without help from the admin
- The max drawing area is now 500 x 500, compared to the old 400 x 400
- The look of the applets has been changed to match the layout of the board
- The applets have been updated to the latest version available
- The IP ban feature is more efficient
- The admin tool have been updated in several ways
- Moderators can now delete all of the pictures submitted by a member with a few clicks

- It's now possible to delete and change usernames as needed.
- A new way to navigate between pages. The dropdown box was getting pretty large (405 pages at the time of this writting), to the point that this change cuts the size of the pictures page HTML by almost half!
- Many fixes and improvements to the search page. It was not working properly most of the time since the last board update, so I corrected the problems. I took the occasion to improve the look and use of the search page. I also added a quick jump to reach a precise page of pictures, in order to replace the removal of the dropdown.
- Fixes to who's online to prevent unauthorized access to some scripts. It wasn't causing any issues before, but that's no reason to leave it like that.
- Some bug fixes, especially to the ordering by latest comments and pictures. The order is now displayed near the list of pages.
- And finally, a new board logo! The old one was annoying me more and more, so I put another one together.

- Some security bugs have been fixed (nothing was hacked, this is preventive patching).
- Some minor cosmetics changes.
- The pictures page ordering is now saved for the session. That means that, if you choose to order by the latest comments, it will stay that way until the end of your visit, or if you choose to order by pictures.
- The memberlist has been improved, with the added possibility of searching for usernames.
- Two new smilies have been added, thanks to Ultimate X for these!

- If a picture is missing, a default image is displayed instead of a broken link
- The member list page has been greatly improved, separating the displayed users on many pages
- Some changes in the admin panel

- Minor fixes in the Comments page (can no longer view the counter)
- Database improvments, for possible better performance
- Picture restoration now possible (more on that below)
- Minor bug fixes
- "LOL" smilie (thanks to Fred for the original concept!) 

- Quick login from any page
- Edit post feature (finally!)
- Performance improvment (the board should be slightly faster now)
- More buttons are desactivated upon click to prevent double-posting and similar errors
- Search function by keyword, picture title and quickjump feature
- All pages now display the amount of queries used
- Users must now confirm their accounts through e-mail before being able to use the newly created username
- Some cosmetic changes
- Admin: can now edit smilies
- Admin: can now see IPs in Who's Online

- Minor bug fixes

- First public release
- No changes from RC2, as it was a direct migration

- Bug fixes
- Ability for mods to delete any and all of the 50 latest comments easily
- Finalized the Main Board Edit script. It's now possible to delete anything, instead of the 30 latest pictures only

- Several cosmetic changes
- Ability to view pictures made by a single user
- Users should now always stay logged in (finally!!)
- The memberlist can now display members from a single group and order members by certain criterias
- Ability to lock or unlock the commenting feature on individual pictures
- More pretty smilies! :D
- Moderator features have been coded
- Some bug fixes
- A bunch of things that I forgot about ;)

- More BBCode
- Password encryption
- Timezone offset setting
- The pictures are now separated on several pages
- Some bug fixes
- And a couple of other things

- Members won't get kicked out while drawing
- Complete smilies support (click to add)
- Some bug fixes
- After commenting / saving options / others, you are forwarded to the next page
- Who's online feature
- Time taken to draw pictures