IOekakiWhat is a Oekaki board? Such a system is popular among some drawing communities, as it allows members to draw pictures directly on the website using a Java applet. The submitted effort can then be commented on by other visitors, helping the artists to improve along the way.

IOekaki was initially created for the community of the Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack's Lab. A similar system was already in place, but it was very limited: there was absolutely no user management available, and the possibilities to add features were close to none. Work was then started to build something new, which was completed within a few months.

The system manages the user access rights, the addition of comments from the members, a full administrative panel as well as the addition of the submitted pictures.

IOekaki is not available for download at this point, but plans are being made for an eventual release. There's no date set for that event. The only version currently installed and available for use is located here.

Quick facts

Status: Working and under development
Requires: PHP 4.1 or higher, MySQL 4.1 or higher
Availability: Not available, but planned eventually
Language: English
Created in: 2002
Last update: Continuing


IOekaki settings

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