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Last night it was on television. It was live, or at least here in the Netherlands. They broadcasted it internationally in Europe, but I don't know if it was in the US and Canada as well.

There used to be some compition with China, that made it exiting back then. This year they just tried to break the Dutch record from last year: 3,992,397 little dominoes fell back then.

The theme was: stories. All sorts of them: fairy tales, myths, legends...
While the dominoes fell and revealed pictures from the stories, people themselves played parts of the stories as well.

The first story was that of the japanese stonecutter. He was unhappy with his life and when a rich man passed by, he wanted to be like him. And poof! He was the rich man himself. The dominoes themselves told that story, and a voice-over did that as well.
The Japanese Stonecutter.

Next, we had the tales of Pinocchio -which we all probably know-, Cinderella, the Trojan Horse, Robin Hood, Hamlet, Van den vos Reynaerde (Dutch only, title in English: tales of the fox Reynard), Twenty thousand Leagues under the sea, Faust, the Hunchback of the Notre Dame (very much unlike the Disney version of the story), Tom Sawyer and some Slavian myth about a god who goes to save the goddess he loves from a dragon (forgot the name).

They had done it pretty nice again with all the pictures. And the Builders' Challenges were also nice.
With the first of the BCs, seven people had to build towers out of dominoes, in order to get a field of 150,000 dominoes falling. One guy shaked like he had Parkinson or something, but it all worked out.
The second didn't. Close by, they had these 'waterfalls' of dominoes, and one of them fell right on top of the dominoes the builder had placed, so he could start all over again.
The third was really the hardest for them. One girl (from Latvia!) had to hold up a piece of wood (with the small side upwards, mind you) whilst some else placed the dominoes on top. It just worked out!
For all of these BCs, they had just 2 minutes. It must've been pretty hard for those people. They must have some pretty good nerves!

After the last domino had fallen, and they had counted all of the ones that had done the same, the final moment came: the results.

They had broken the record. 4,155,476 dominoes out of 4,321,000.
If the BCs hadn't worked out, it would have never come to it.

Gosh, I feel so lame now. For liking dominoes.

On a side note, one day, whilst they were building, a homingbird flew in and landed between the dominoes, resulting in 23,000 of them falling. The bird was shot, and about half a dozen of animal protection organisations sued the shooter and had one minute of silence for the bird.

All hail the Supreme Comrade Cossack!

I left.
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That's accually pretty dang interesting.
Dominos have always been fun to play with.

Don't worry, I'm not dead!
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Yeah, and they're fun to set up and knock down!

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i've seen it too (Dutchy here :D )

you know, with the third Builders Challange that girl "accidentally" swinged the piece of wood so the dominoes DID fall. They stopped at three-fourth but then she swinged it a little bit and they continued to fall.

not many people saw it so they counted those stones too, but actually, they shouldn't count them in.

and about the bird. too bad they had too shoot him. damn that shooter. he already recieved letters from people that threaten him, by putting bullets in an envelope

last night they invited some people to a program, each with a bird in their name. then they cremated the bird in freakin' microwave :conf: :lol:. BTW the bird was put in a box chaped like a Domino

ah well.