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Topic: Mario And Luigi - Partners In Time, Mario not a daddy?

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The MIB Goku

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Posted on December 21, 2005 at 11:09:28 [Post link]

Ok, I picked up Mario And Luigi - Partners In Time about a week ago, and I am stumped by a question, Is mario a Father or not. Nintendo doesnt really give a simple answer. I think he is and listen to why:

Yoshi Stoy spoiler

  Spoiler (highlight to read):

On the SNES game Yoshi Island, you play as the Yoshi's who find baby Mario in a forest and travel to get him to his parents. At the end of the game you face baby Bowser. once you beat him, Bowser showes up and you defeat him. If my memory serves me well enough at the end baby Mario is dropped of at a house and I THINK its Mario and Peach who open the door, I dont quite remember.

Ok that not enough? How about this?

Super Mario Sunshin Spoiler

  Spoiler (highlight to read):
In Super Mario Sunshine, when baby Bowser appears and kidnaps "Mama Peach", not only is he in the same time and place as adult Mario, but he also refers to Bowser as his father.

And if you think about it, how could baby Bowser be Bowsers son and baby Mario not be Marios son? if that where so then Yoshi story wouldn't make sense.

Not to mention the other games that have both Mario and baby Mario such as Mario Cart, and Mario Superstar Baseball (awsome game btw).

What do you think and why?

PS: Mario And Luigi - Partners In Time, is still a fun game aside of this confusing little fact.

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Posted on December 21, 2005 at 14:56:27 [Post link]

i think the Baby Mario in Yoshi's story IS the Mario we know, and the Baby Bowser you see there too IS Bowser, Mario's archenemy. The BIG Bowser fight in YS is baby bowser but grown bigger by Kamek's magic.

but i don't think Mario is a father. although i still don't understand one thing... Who is Bowser Jr. mother? we know Bowser is his father but who is the mother :conf:

well maybe this helps a bit

oh yeah. the Baby Bowser, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Peach you see in M&L PIT are the Baby forms of the original from M&L Superstar Saga or other Mario Games.

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News reporter

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Posted on December 21, 2005 at 20:24:53 [Post link]

Yoshi's Story takes place in the past. The final fight isn't against an adult Bowser,
  Spoiler (highlight to read):

But against a suped-up child Bowser.

I think the picture of the parents of the Mario brothers is just a coincidence. It only shows their feet, anyway. You can't say anything definite based on that.

And also, when
  Spoiler (highlight to read):
Bowser Jr. calls Peach "Mama Peach", I believe that was what Bowser told Junior as motivation to kidnap her. We all know that Bowser couldn't impregnate Peach. That's just....ew.

The Baby Mario brothers are NOT the sons of the Mario brothers. Whenever they appear in a Mario sports game, it's simply a "What if" thing. And in Partners in Time, the Babies are Mario and Luigi as children from the past.


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