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You know, everyone here gets so worked up about flashy computer ga mes and cool special effects and nice pops and whizbangs. Come on, whatever happened to sheer logic? If the purpose of a game was an escape, what better escape but NUMBERS?

I personally love sudoku, it challenges me and I can just do one for ten or fifteen minutes (or sometimes days), and then I'm good. And I don't lose my sense of self from some R PG or fantasy, I have only numbers, insignificant values and numerical orders.

What do you think?

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Well, there's this really old game for N64 that I liked that was called "Tetris Sphere"

It's a 3d form a tetris in a shape of a sphere. Only you get to choose where the peice starts and there are colors you have to match.

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I don't consider any N64 game old. When I think of old, I think of Pong, Pitfall, the original Mario Bros. etc. It's always fun to play the old games, because they were always more challenging. Zelda 2, for instance, is a WAY more challenging game than any side scroller made nowadays.

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