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Shadow Navi
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Does anyone have any information reguarding the actual story behind the "Phantom of the Network" Japanese cell phone game? I haven't been able to find any information on it anywhere I looked. All I know is that it has a navi in it named Cache and possibly explains the ghost navi phenomenon and maybe the Graveyard that appears in BN6. Any other information reguarding it would be greatly appreciated.


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I can not find it on aywhere up for sale, could somebody help me out on this? ive checked ebay, it doesnt have it, ive checked all sites on the net and web and cannot find, somebody please help, i shoul be getting it for my birthday but i want it now, starforce is cool.

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Yllisos Zanon
Free Lance Bestiality
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Are there any pictures of this game, perhaps even boss characters.

I ask cause I want to see a better picture of HatMan.EXE and JammingMan.EXE.

Thanks in advance.

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