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I was surfing through your site today and found this neat little HTML toy you made. The form is nice, but the preview and generate buttons should be further down. It was a bit confusing what I had to click. I have one question though, how do you program the colors in vb? I'm working on Body Builder and Table Maker in vb6 and was wondering. All I'm working with now are about 215 color cubes.

<font color=#00FF00>M</font><font color=#22DD00>e</font><font color=#44BB00>r</font><font color=#669900>r</font><font color=#887700>y</font><font color=#AA5500> </font><font color=#CC3300>C</font><font color=#EE1100>h</font><font color=#FF0000>r</font><font color=#FF0000>i</font><font color=#FF0000>s</font><font color=#FF0000>t</font><font color=#FF0000>m</font><font color=#FF0000>a</font><font color=#FF0000>s</font><font color=#FF0000>!</font>

My website has HTML Code Generators, what else do you want?

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That little application is getting quite old, but it can still be useful. I use it from time to time to generate some special effects.

I'm including here the core of the code which manages loading the color dialog box and extracting the results in a common RPG format. This code was written for Visual Basic 6. You'll need to include the Microsoft Common Dialog Controls 6.0 (or something similar) in your project for this to work.

'Get the currently entered color to set it as a default in the dialog box
color = val_red + (val_green * 256) + (val_blue * 256 ^ 2)

On Error GoTo ErrHandler
CommonDialog1.CancelError = True
CommonDialog1.Flags = cdlCCFullOpen
CommonDialog1.Color = color

'Open the color dialog box
color = CommonDialog1.Color

'Extract the three color components from the result number
If color > 65535 Then
val_blue = Int(color / (256 ^ 2))
val_green = Int((color - (val_blue * 65536)) / 256)
val_red = Int(color - (val_blue * 65536) - (val_green * 256))
ElseIf color > 255 Then
val_green = Int(color / 256)
val_red = (color - (val_green * 256))
val_red = color
End If

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