As some of you probably know I have been writing for quite some time. I started when I was a child, writing novice poetry, and then later I got into doing fan-fic and RPG stuff like the giant RPG thread here on Interordi. I was actually one of the main contributors up until a few years ago.
Anyhow, the point is that I've been writing for years, and last year I wrote a full length novel, edited it, and I'm now looking for a literary agent who will give me a chance, and hopefully get my book published.

I'm posting this thread in hopes that somebody on here has experience in this field, and can offer me some advice or contacts that might be able to assist me in reaching my goal. I figured with the vast member base we have here, surely somebody has been through this process before. :)

A little info on the book itself:
I've titled it "The Yellow Brick Road", and it is a re-imagining of the first half of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Now, before you say anything, I already checked to make sure that L. Frank Baum's Wonderful Wizard book is public domain, and it is. Back in 1900 copyrights only lasted about 20 - 30 odd years. Baum died 1 year before his second installment of the Oz series was released, and thus his copyright ran out roughly 36 years after Glinda of Oz was published in 1920. (I imagine that's part of the reason why we see so many variations of the Oz series)
At any rate, The Yellow Brick Road puts a more modern spin on Baum's story, placing Dorothy in the present day, giving her a dog a bit more suited for the dangers of Oz, and amps up the action. My favorite modification to the tale is the Tin Man. Rather than a weepy man made of galvanized tin, Raphael Tinman AKA Tin Man the Heartless is a cyborg super soldier in the Ozian Resistence against the Wicked Witches. He has a secret soft side that comes out now and then, but most of the time he's the group's fearless and some times cold leader. The Scarecrow has been named Jack Hayford, but his old military unit nicknamed him Scarecrow. He has some resemblance to Glitch from the miniseries Tin Man, as he has occasional lapses in memory, and is actually missing many different portions of his past due to an enemy bullet grazing a part of his brain. The lion, Augustine XII, is an intimidating sight, standing taller than most Clydesdale horses. However, after being declawed by the Wicked Witch of the West he now fears combat, and would rather run from danger than face it.

The book follows Dorothy and her friends all the way through to their first visit to the wizard, and to the point where they have left the Emerald City. The second book, which I'm working on now, will start with the back story of the Wicked Witches, how the younger sister obtained the Ruby Slippers, and then it will return to Dorothy and crew. Also, the sequel is called The Ruby Slippers.
Any help would be appreciated. :)