I just wanted to ask why is it that not many japanese mangas from Rockman have not come out to our territories yet besides Mega Man NT Warriors manga by Ryo Takamisaki and the Mega Man Megamix/Gigamix series by Hitoshi Ariga?

I mean, i know that is not like every manga is going to be localized and they have to think over if the mangas are of good quality, but I feel mangas from Koji Itzuki, like Rockman 8 or Rockman&Forte, or Mega Man ZX manga deserve a chance.

it´s been ages and doesnt look like they are going to be localized, fortunately there are fans that have made translations for megaman zx, but there are still the Koji Itzuki mangas that have not received translation yet.

I would prefer to have a physical release instead of digital, but I guess fan made translations are better than nothing.

From what I know Rockman Tanjou started t translate Rockman&Forte manga but they got stuck and are looking for more helper so if anyone can help them please do so.

A yes, I luckly found a site where they have started translation on many Rockman mangas to spanish, but since I cannot post links yet I will put them once I am allowed to

Anyways, my point is that if there is a way to convince editors to bring those mangas or give help to some fans that would like to translate, please do so.