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Topic: I only return here once a year, on April Fools, and I love it

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Posted on April 1, 2019 at 14:43:22 [Post link]

Dr. Cossack, you've done it again.

Interordi was the first forum, the first online community, that I joined when I was 14. I've spent some formative years on here and with people I met here thereafter. I haven't really returned here often for a good ten years now, and overall it seems quiet--though importantly, not dead.

But I always return on this date. On April Fools. Every April Fools, Dr. Cossack, you give me moments of amazement and joy with the little funky coding challenges you've put yourself up to to turn this forum into something else and to turn our expectations on their heads.

This year, it's even literally so.

Thank you. I fondly remember the years I spent a lot of time here, and knowing that you always pull out something cool for this day reminds me to return at least once a year to see what shenanigans you're up to this time.

I hope y'all are well, friends. And I hope to return here for many more years.

Cheers. <3

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Posted on April 2, 2019 at 4:54:33 [Post link]

Some of the pranks are elaborate, some are straightforward, but I make it a point to get something done every time because I know that people like you might not always be posting, but you're out there watching, and the audience makes it all worth it. :)

It might not be apparent right now, but I've still got plans for the forums, so do keep on watching once in a while to see what will be coming up next!

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