And like this, Nintendo quietly closes the lid on the 3DS for the last time.

Whenever I think about Nintendo's handhelds, I can't make my mind on which one I prefer. The GameBoy Advance, with its wide selection of games and backward compatibility with classic GB titles? The GBA SP was super nice to carry around.

The DS, with that innovative two screens? Many games only used it for maps, but that was still useful, plus it could play GBA games too. The Dragon Quest trilogy made for some fantastic remakes.

Or the 3DS, with that 3D screen (made so much better on the New line), much improved 3D capacity, yet still able to rock DS games too. The indie scene really started shining on this one.

It's a tough choice for sure, but I love the 3DS, despite the initial high price. Its collection of games really came around over time!

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