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de gutsu
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Ok I am making a guide that will have atleast one way to acquire every chip in MMBN1. I have gone everywhere I could think of but am still missing the locations of a few chips. If you could tell me where to find these chips and then leave the name you want to be credited I will credit you in my faq. The faq will be done any day now. I am going to submit it to MMN but I cannot be 100 percent sure that they will accept it yet (Reeve said he would like to see the faq when it is finished but he didn't say he would for sure put it on the site). Possibly Gamefaqs too.

The missing Chips are (or viruses that drop them).

I need the location of the Virus that drops Quake 2. The location of ringzap 1 2 and 3. The location of the virus that drops Typhoon. The location of the virus that drops Snakegg3. The location of the virus that drops Drain 2 and the one that drops drain 3. A way to acquire Rec 300. The location of the virus that drops Remobit3. A way to acquire Slo gauge. Well thats it. I assure you you will be credited and the faq will be released shortly after I get this information.

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