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The Great Gatsby:
A look into Nick Carraway

The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has been a powerful and captivating element of modern literature. With its extensively vivid vocabulary, incredibly plot, and stunning cast of characters, The Great Gatsby Truly exhibits the day-to-day lives of the rich, and delivers powerful criticism to the morals of said rich. Fitzgerald also elicits a great deal of emotions and imagery, through the semi-impartial voice of Nick Carraway. Although no true physical description is given for this middle-aged bondsman, a great deal could be said of his character, which creates the perfect engine of impartiality to effectively introduce and discuss the true values of the upper class. As a middle-classed man himself, riches do not corrupt Nick; hence he is not as biased as his fellow characters. Furthermore, as one of the few characters in the novel who actually work, it can be said that he truly knows the value of a dollar, and does not squander his money, or hold dear to it. Throughout the novel, Nick Carraway fully describes each character through unwavering impartiality. He goes even so far to say that certain characters speak with the same quality of money. Although it could be said that he is a jealous man, this is an untruth, as he never cared for money in the same way as his fellow characters. Because of this, Nick is the perfect tool with which Fitzgerald may use to effectively bring forth the truth of the upper class. Fitzgerald himself was if anything, a mirror of Jay Gatsby. Coming from a town few have heard of, Fitzgerald clawed his way up and reached a respectable position of financial security. However, Fitzgerald always envisioned himself as the cool and observant man in the background, never really partaking of things. Therefore, Nick Carraway is a mirror of this fantasy. Through Nick’s cool persona, strong voice, and strong sense of devotion, Fitzgerald creates the perfect image of impartiality, further benefiting his description of the rich upper class.

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I'm reading that stupid book in my American Lit. Class that book bores me to death!!!::(

just enjoying the last month in a half of summer, and keepin it real

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If you don't have something positive to say, Turboman2, please, keep your comments to yourself.

Sorry to say i havent read those books....

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Originally posted by Turboman2
I'm reading that stupid book in my American Lit. Class that book bores me to death!!!::(

Hey, hey. No flames please.

I remember reading the book and writing about Nick... but I don't know if I still have the essay...