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Birthday: 13 July 1989
Bio: The name is Amber, used to be known as Sossmic hawk Matrix. I can\'t seem to remember why I was banned, but it doesn\'t really doesn\'t matter.

Back then I was known as Sossmichawk, because of how violant I was. I was always beating up people who made a single insult toward me! But after a summer trip to Mississippi, I felt no need to do so anymore. When I came back I told my family I wanted to leave (with my family) to Mississippi, and out of the city I was currently living in, Aberdeen, and start over with a new life.

Everything was great in my new home, until something bad happened in class. Someone finally started picking on me after 5 months of living in Mississippi. Then EVERYONE got a laugh out of it, and not only made fun of me for how scilent I was, but for what color my skin was too. I fliped over my desk,and stormed out of the room with frustration, and then out of the building.

After getting out of the school grounds I cried, knowing that I had made a foolish mistake for letting them pick on me, and what I did as I ran out. The \"New Life\" I so despretly wanted was nothing, but a fantasy for me. There is no place in the out side world for me...
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