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Winters Soul

5 August 2004 at 0:13 18 February 2005 at 1:03 Inactive 121 posts (0.1% of total, 0 posts by day) 10 topics (0.1% of total)
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Location: Beastman World!
Birthday: 16 March 1992
Bio: hdklhfkjdsvbkdkksdk! klkdfhglk. kdlebfk.ksdkhdhshheh-jkdjdfu! jshekuf?! jdfdghh-lkdhkc. lkdhu jnlknoigynf lkhghnerhnf iehfhfneif ikhfih khnihfrejv iohd.


I like Bionicle, Megaman, and Dragons. Now go bug someone else or get fried to a crisp.

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