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2 September 2004 at 20:59 12 October 2004 at 2:01 Banned 143 posts (0.1% of total, 0 posts by day) 19 topics (0.1% of total)
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Location: Earth
Birthday: 19 October 1994
Bio: We heard the word now, we know just what you\'re thinkin\'
You want us dead now, you want to see us sinking
We have no choice now, this is the game you\'ve chosen
My klick is killa, just like the dank I\'m smoking
It\'s time for action, time for retaliation
You aint a real G, been watching too much (JASON)?

You want my fist around clips
May you sleep in peace with the fish, you\'s a hoe
And in the pen. you be a bitch
Using red M&M\'s for lipstick

= HOOK x2 =
They want to go, to bloody war
Are you sure you want to, take me to war

I got my G\'s, I got my team
Put me down for murda in first degree
My clip is full, but that\'ll change
Heard you got your vest on, but I want brains
It\'s lonely days, and lonely nights
Cause I need my revenge, right by my side
My gun is hot, my heart is cold
Everyone around me has killed before

= HOOK x2 =

I snatch your bitch, then snatch your life
And keep your fingers, for braggin\' (RICE)?
Next week you\'ll be watchin my trota
Cause your ass aint shit but a panocha
You have a choice, die or be miserable
Dopehouse, home of the invisible
I warned y\'all to stay of my genitals
Now I gotta turn you fruits into vegetables
Having nightmares, homie you aint dead yet
Waking up with your motherfucking bed wet
I have fun with fucking punks like you
Tell his momma not to worry he\'ll be dead by Two
His head, impounded, they never found it
He in the dirt, you can say he got grounded
I\'m a shouter, livin\' how I tell it
And if you see him, tell him I said...

= HOOK x2 =


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