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You ever think about it? I mean, pie in general is just sooo delicious. But then, what IS pie? Some sort of pastry, I guess. But pies are so traditionally round, but then, you have McD's advertising their little blocks of apple goodness as 'pie.' Does that make any sense to you???

And then, there's danishes. Those are always delicious, even despite how fattening they are. Cream Cheese is my personal favorite, but I've always wondered: Where do they come from?

What genius came up with the idea for 'pie?'

I mean ... in the old ages, when a bunch of guys were gathered around listening to Beowulf or something, did some barkeep just decide to make pie? Was it a stroke of inspiration? Did they just have an accident? Did they work for years and years to create pie?

I wonder, was their banana creme filling back then? Or maybe, the pies were some sort of projectile that they created to fight each other? Were they looking for tomorrow's doomsday weapon when they were creating pie?

Have you ever wondered?

Mmm, pie.

Ah, the Truth. It's out there ... nah, maybe not.

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like pie. dont make me cofused about pie!:miam:


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Dutch cows invented it. They're taking over. >> <<

Seriously, first, there was bread. People ate it with soup, or meat, or whatever. Slowly the pizza come off that, but that's not the subject now. People thought they'd make different kinds of bread, make changes and additions in the quantities of the ingredients of bread. They added sweet stuff. Fruits. And creams. And more things they liked, though not altogether in one product.

And God said: "Let them make pie." And they did. And he saw (and tasted) it was good.

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Amen to that, Morph. Amen.

All puns aside, I think somebody was all like, "Wow, maybe I should put something inside of this large pastry" and then Pie was invented.

And nobody regretted that decision at all.

Or, the poster formerly known as Pri- I mean, rockmaniskool.