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23 May 2002 - By Doctacosa
As of the July 26, 2003, the content of this post has been replaced with a new set of rules. Further posts might no longer reflect the latest rules, so be sure to refer to this post for the latest info.

This page displays the different rules in use on the message board, and must be read and agreed with before registering. I don't want to be mean to anyone, but rules have to be set to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Failure to follow these rules will have me giving you a warning. Extremely offensive gestures or repetitive offences might lead to a permanent ban.


1- No spamming. What is considered spam: posting several short messages in a row, making only short messages without any goal (answering only "Yes", "Me too", "LOL", etc), making the same post or topic in several forums, making pointless messages, etc. Abusive use of the private messenging system falls into the category of spam too. Massive use of smilies in also frowned upon. I do give warnings, so don't be too afraid of breaking this rule without knowing it.

2- One username by person. I allow only ONE username by person. If you are creating a new one to change your personality or evade ban/warnings, you'll be found out and the latest username you registered will be deleted. However, a family member creating a new username is fine.

3- Mark your spoilers. Why ruin the fun for someone? Don't post about a movie or game recently released without properly marking the spoilers. Allow several months before believing it's safe to stop marking spoilers. Not everyone gets through a new game in 2 weeks. I really hate learning about the plot of a movie or game before I get to see it / play it myself. Don't you?

4- No fights. Come on... We're here to have fun, not to get at each other's throats. If you can't get along with another user, please keep it in private. We don't want to hear about it. Also, be sure to stay polite toward everyone. Don't make insults toward other cultures or religions. Repetitive offensing posts will result in a quick ban.

5- No ROM and warez requests / links. Asking for ROMs or warez, and giving links to such files will not be tolerated. This also applies to emulators. While those are technically legal, they are used with the purpose of using illegal games. If you are interested in a game, you don't download it, you buy it. ROM hacks are allowed if you post only about a patch (in IPS format). Hacked ROMs fall in the "ROM" category. All illegal software is affected by this rule.

6- Appropriate content. The site is for everyone, and minors can very well be viewing those pages, so use content meant for a general audience only. Inappropriate content will deserve a warning, an edit or a deletion, depending of the offence.

7- Check your spelling. Yes, I'm one of those so-called "Grammar and Spelling Nazi". I'm not asking for everyone to use a perfectly written English, but I do want to see a good spelling. "u c, i told u", "omg ur rite wtf lol" and such are horribly getting on my nerves. Proper capitalization is also to be used. Just make a bit of an effort while writting your posts, please. It also adds to the image people are getting from you.


Marking spoilers: If you want to mark a spoiler, please use the following BBCode: [*spoiler]This is a spoiler.[*/spoiler] , without the stars. This will put the spoiler in a black box, so it cannot be read unless the user chooses too.

Signatures: The signatures shouldn't be more than 200 pixels of height, pictures included. The text should be limited to a few lines only. The point of this is to reduce the space taken by those signatures.


Other policies: There are a few topics in the Important Notices forum, and all of these should be read (the first few posts of each topic is an acceptable minimum).

All of these might sound harsh, but I just wanted to make sure that everything is clear. Keep in mind that I won't ban you if you make an innocent mistake, or if you forgot about one of the minor rules. I tend to give several warnings, but don't abuse that either. If you break rules on purpose, you WILL get in trouble. I don't ban at the first offence, unless you break several rules at once.

Have fun! ^_^

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