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I borrowed this game from my friend and I started playing it since last week and I think this game was kinda cool.

Share your thoughts on this game and if there is a topic about this,lock it please ;)

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I'm certain there is a topic for this somewhere - I remember making one back in 2005 I think. But I can't seem to find it. Hm. :lol:

Ultimate Spider-Man is my favorite of the Spider-Man games, though I haven't played Spider-Man 3(and I'm not sure I want to either). Spider-Man 2 was alright but it focused too much on webbing around to me. Honestly, webing around the city solving the same random crimes over and over gets old quickly.

I enjoyed USM's design more, though you often end up chasing villains than battling them - I miss the old indoor levels say like, the bank in the first PSX Spider-Man. Not exactly sure why but that level has always stood out for me. Actually, I love that game as a whole but that isn't really the subject here.

Only real complaint about USM is you cant go back and play stuff you've gone through without starting anew. I took the time to earn the web speed upgrades damnit, and I don't want to lose them! :lol:

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Um Necro, you didn't make the old one... I did...

Proof of Purchase:

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Hail to the King, baby!
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Whoops. :lol:

I knew I posted it in at least.