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Topic: Starbound 2012, an Earthbound hack, help wanted

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Lil' metool

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Posted on July 5, 2009 at 14:59:43 [Post link]

Yes, it's another earthbound hack with the word bound in the title, you'll get over it. Anyway, as the title suggests, the events revolve around the belief that 2012 is the end (I'm using the Planet X model of this theory). Well, not the end, but a pretty dramatic sequence of events.

This is actually my 3rd or 4th attempt at creating an EB hack. I always had the problem I didn't make back-up copies of the rom I was working on. It would crash and I would quit. Well, Mr.Accident over at the forums created an awesome program that translates the eb code into a programing-like language. Since then I've made much quicker progress.

Plot points:
-Government Conspiracy
-Free Mason cult
-Alien abduction
-Meth-lab bust
-Global Underground Tunnel System
-'Reptilian' people
-Aliens seizing gold for their O-zone (anti-gravity properties)
-Planet X Flyby
-Giants (of old time)
-some political stuff (Obama's trillion dollar rip-off, socialism, etc... not too much tho)

-Kevin Smith
-Jayson Mews (sp?)
-Monster Magnet
-Obama :teevee:

A couple of intro screens

Completed character sprites

Now, good hacks take a lot of work and time. Doing this alone could take a very long time, but I'm willing to do as much as necessary by myself. I'd really like to make this a group project, to give the hack more flavor, better graphics, and overall better game play. Here's a few areas I wouldn't mind some assistance (but I'm not helpless or anything):

Coders: --- Knowledge of CCScript is preferable. I can pretty much handle most of this tho.
Spriters: --- Battle sprites and over world needed. If you see a sprite you could improve on, that would be cool, too.
Mappers: --- Anyone interested in coming up with whole new towns, or just modified versions of pre-existing ones would be great.
NPC Text: --- Any witty bs npc text blocks. May or may not use 'em.

I'd love to hear any ideas for the following categories:
Plot Ideas/Twists
Abilities (may be used in place of some PSI attacks)
Unique Items

Also, there are a few ideas I've seen or had that aren't new, but could use some help on implementing the coding for:
Cell Phone
Bomb (out of battle use)
PSI Farewell (trying to make smoking effect)
Save option in action menu

Tools I'm using:
PK Hack
PK Nexus (formerly CCScript)
Data Crystal: EB Flags
Chrestomathy (EB Control Codes)

Useful Places:
PK Hack Forum
Starbound 2012 hack progress blog

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about any of this, please let me know. C'mon, folks, some of you want to make a great hack?

[]Starbound 2012 Hack Progression Blog

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Posted on July 7, 2009 at 2:23:42 [Post link]

I'm not exactly an Earthbound fan, and I'm not expecting to pick-up ROM hacking any time soon. Still, this does sound like a fun project, borderline half-sequel and borderline parody. I like the fact that you're going beyond simple sprites and text replacements to create new town layouts and add a bit of scripting.

Best of luck with this project!

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Lil' metool

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Posted on July 7, 2009 at 21:08:45 [Post link]

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of simple text hacks, especially when it's not that complicated. It will take some time tho.

[]Starbound 2012 Hack Progression Blog


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