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15 June 2012 - By Doctacosa
It's time for another update!

One important thing to note first: you might need to do a full page refresh (Ctrl-F5) to see the new elements properly.

I'm happy to present you with a new update to the board: IOBoard v1.4.1! This upgrade adds some new features to the Stream, introduced officially last April, alongside some surpises.

New features and improvements:
- Posts and Stream: images can be uploaded next to messages
- Notification when someone adds you as a friend
- Posts that only contain an URL will automatically get the linked page's title
- Minor posts layout update
- Stream: edit/delete comments
- Stream: allow moderation from super moderators
- Fixed: Notifications on Stream comments now properly show who posted the original message
- Fixed: PM previews with quotes

As indicated above, it's now possible to attach images to posts and Stream notes! Some members here, especially those coming from social networks, don't have any easy way to display images or screenshots to illustrate their posts. This new feature takes care of that: you can post an image coming straight from your computer by using the options displayed right under the main posting box!

The Stream also supports the display of images. To do so, while on your (or someone else's!) Stream page, select the "Picture" tab and do your thing! Note that direct linking to these uploaded images from other sites is disabled. Sorry, but I don't have the ressources of a pro images host! :)

The next update is already underway under the codename "personalization". Stay tuned for more information!

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