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Topic: SNES Tech Help, Any savvy gamers wanna lend a caring hand?

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Posted on June 22, 2015 at 19:49:02 [Post link]

I'm having an issue with an SNES game; Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge. I'm playing it on a Retron 3, and so far I've had no problems with the console. I've played Bionic Commando (NES), Sonic 2 (Genesis), Rygar (NES), and a few others, but this is the first time I've used the SNES portion of the console. It's brand new, so I wouldn't imagine it's the system. Anyhow, whenever I try to play the aforementioned game the picture shakes every few seconds. It doesn't shake a ton, but enough to be pretty annoying. Does anybody know what this could be caused by and how I'd fix it? By the way, my TV is a Samsung smart TV, if that makes a difference. Again, all of the other games work perfectly well, and their picture is fine.


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Posted on June 14, 2016 at 0:32:36 [Post link]

What the hell so youean "the SNES portion of the console"? And obviously it is not brand new or else they would not be selling for $80. When one of my copies of MarioKart would randomly turn black and require a restarted system too often, I just played with my foot holding the cartridge at an angle back. About 2 years later it randomly fixed itself. Basically, the cartridge would have something that's not quite connecting properly and hold it in place with something while you play... on Super Mario World, it would only do that a bit so after I held it for about 45 seconds I could let go. On MarioKart I couldn't let go. But your post doesn't make any sense.


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