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External: Halloween murder spree results!, Update by Dr. Cossack

Halloween is tomorrow, but our dedicated event was yesterday, when more people were likely to be available. Ultimately, 12 people dedicated to jump at the opportunity to chop heads off and gather kills while exploring the new PvP arena of Horseman's Hollow, right in Central. With 219 confirmed kills, I think it's safe to say that people enjoyed it!

With that said, the top three winners are:

First place - Kagato, with 50 Merit Points and a special edition Pumpkin Helmet
Second place - axe_y, with 30 Merit Points and a set of staff heads
Third place - Lacar, with 15 Merit Points and a 'Bronze Medal' dirt block

Note that Horseman's Hollow is now available permanently as a PvP fighting ground whenever you feel like running around like an axe-wielding maniac!

Thanks to Sora for running this event and to everyone who participated in the spooky fun!

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Everyone cheats. My axe was dull. BOO.


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