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Fifth anniversary!, Update by Dr. Cossack

Gather round, everyone, for today marks the fifth anniversary of the Creeper's Lab! Wow!

Our primary world, Laurasia, has been running for that long without any map reset. Other locations have been added since, one or two have been retired, but my goal of providing a stable place for your builds to shine is still going strong! That's not to say that things have been static, though - in the last year alone, we've seen among other things:

- The inclusion of the lobby.
- The permanent addition of TNT Tag.
- The return of the achievements.
- The end of the first Seasonal cycle, with four people earning real prizes.
- The launch of the Patreon campaign.
- The launch of UHC.

To celebrate this landmark moment, I'm announcing a week of celebrations! For the upcoming seven days, one new feature or major announcement will be unveiled daily, so be sure to check this space every day! Join us tomorrow for the first item, and then for the six following that!

Thank you all for your ongoing interest in this place! Some of you are new, some have been here from the very start, and I couldn't have done without you all!

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I just want to say that this is the BEST server, and I'm so glad to be a part of it!

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Awesomesauce! Here's to another five!

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