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Merry Christmas Creepers Lab, Update by Masterlink

Merry Christmas to all those on Creeper's Lab and the Netizens of Miranda.

On this joyous holiday I hope everyone is getting to spend time with their families and enjoying themselves. If you have the time to drop by, or you are alone this holiday, I've prepared a little something.

As my Christmas Present to you, for today only, the door to the Super C is OPEN. This means access without paying the regular iron ingot. Furthermore, I've placed a sign somewhere inside with a "Raffle Code" that you must find, then PM a screenshot of to me (Masterlink) on the forums.
Finding this code ensures you play on the world and are eligible. Finding and PMing this code puts you in a raffle for all the current collected iron and diamonds from the Super C. If you catch me in IRC, you may PM me a link to your entry there, just ensure not to put it in the public chat.
I will draw the name tomorrow and place your prize in a chest outside the Super C.

As an additional bonus, I've enabled Contractor's Evening for the day, so along with your free access to the upper portion of the Super C, you may get to stacking on your tall builds.

I hope this gives the players with some alone time a place to be together and get the mind working on things.

To everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, no matter which one you celebrate.

RESULTS: GingeKoda won the raffle, you may find your prize in a chest at the entrance of the Super C.
- Masterlink

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Be there tonight 😁

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